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Student Testimonials

“Thank you for all your hard work and creativity throughout our daughter’s lessons with you. I think speaking with you on Skype has definitely made her more confident and expanded her vocabulary beyond what she has been taught at school. What has also kept her engaged and challenged are the discussions you both had covering current affairs, psychology, and a touch of politics just to name a few.”

Solena and Duncan Ghosh

“Working with Leo was critical to my success in learning French. We developed my learning goals up front and together we found creative ways to reach them. His one-on-one sessions are full of energy and his passion for teaching makes his learning environment truly unique. He not only delivered personalized instruction that fit my needs as a law student, he gave me the tools to become a life learner. Through his instruction and our mutual commitment to my learning plan, I gained the skill and confidence to deliver legal argumentation in French to a panel of judges in only five months. I cannot speak highly enough about Leo or his methodology. If you have ever been interested in learning French, or attempted self-study without success, I strongly encourage you to seek lessons from him.”

Michael Liddiard

What can I say about Leonardo Zambito? He was a great tutor, teacher and by the end of our three-week French learning program, a friend. Leonardo was always available to speak with me and help me prepare for my moot competition. Whether it was a quick translation, or I needed help explaining complex ideas in French, he was happy to help. Furthermore, he would not charge me for help outside my tutoring sessions.  Within a matter of three weeks I was ready to compete in one of the most competitive Canadian mock trials. The judges of this competition were real courtroom judges who were native French speakers. Leonardo gave me the confidence to be able to argue effectively and decisively on the stand. So much so that I received multiple compliments and even job offers from these judges. But most importantly, Leonardo showed me that French is fun to learn and that I have the tools to succeed in that language. This is going to help me both professionally and personally. Now that I feel that I am bilingual, I decided to do a semester abroad in Paris and it is amazing. I never would’ve done so had I not gone through Leonardo’s rigorous French program – thank you!

Nicholas Di Piano

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