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L'Équipe à Leonardo
"Leonardo's Team"

Creating a truly bilingual province is an ongoing and difficult challenge that requires a confluence of efforts from various levels of government and individuals. Maintaining the language skills of our French language teachers is a vital element of this goal. For over 10 years, L'Équipe à Leonardo has provided individualized language training to current and aspiring French teachers.

At Zambito Language Services, we have a dedicated team of experienced French language educators ready to meet your needs. With a shared commitment to professional development and a wealth of teaching experience, our team collectively brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to enhance the proficiency of your educators.


Our educators come equipped with a range of qualifications and experiences that make us well-equipped to support your goals.


Our team includes practicing and retired educators with extensive experience in education, project management, and communication. With decades of experience in teaching French as a second language, our educators have a deep understanding of the nuances of language acquisition and learning strategies.


Our team members have a passion for teaching, whether it's industrial chemistry, languages, or other subjects. This dedication is the driving force behind their satisfaction in witnessing students embrace learning and improve their language skills.


We believe in the power of personalized education. Our online tutoring approach allows participants to learn comfortably from their own homes, creating a relaxed environment for questions and practice.


We understand the challenges of language learning and are dedicated to helping your French teachers succeed in their language proficiency journey.


Our team is a vibrant tapestry of experience, dedication, and expertise:

Our Team Members

Education and Qualifications

Our team members boast diverse educational backgrounds, each holding relevant qualifications that enrich their teaching abilities. Holding Bachelor's degrees in Education and/or Translation provides them with a strong foundation in language pedagogy and linguistic expertise. Others have additional qualifications in industrial chemistry, theatre arts, nutrition, and family studies, adding unique dimensions to their instructional approach. This diversity allows us to cater to a wide range of learning needs and preferences, ensuring that our instruction is both comprehensive and adaptable to the specific requirements of your educators.

Professional Experience

The wealth of professional experience within our team is a cornerstone of our ability to deliver effective language instruction. Our educators bring years of valuable experience to the table, having served in various roles throughout their careers. These roles span from traditional classroom teaching to guiding and hosting at renowned institutions such as the Canadian Museum of Agriculture and the Parliament of Canada. This rich history in education and communication has honed their ability to engage and inspire learners of all backgrounds, bringing a unique perspective to our instruction.

Language Instruction Expertise

Our team's extensive experience in teaching French as a second language is a testament to our expertise in the field. With decades of cumulative experience, our educators have gained profound insights into the nuances of language acquisition and learning strategies. They are well-versed in effective teaching methodologies, enabling them to tailor their instruction to the specific needs and challenges faced by language learners. This deep expertise ensures that our instruction is not only effective but also dynamic and adaptable.

Passion for Teaching

At the heart of our team's commitment is an unwavering passion for teaching. This passion extends beyond the classroom, infusing our educators' work with genuine dedication and enthusiasm. Whether it's nurturing a love for languages or fostering a deeper understanding of complex subjects, our educators derive immense satisfaction from seeing students embrace learning and make tangible progress. This fervour for teaching drives our team's dedication to helping your educators succeed in their language proficiency journey.

Personalized Learning

We believe that personalized learning is essential for effective education. That's why our online tutoring approach prioritizes individualized instruction. It empowers participants to learn in a comfortable, familiar environment – their own homes. This approach fosters a relaxed atmosphere conducive to asking questions, practicing, and building confidence. We understand that every learner is unique, and our commitment to personalized learning ensures that each participant receives tailored support to reach their language goals.

A one-on-one lesson format benefits the student because the needs of the individual are better addressed, and allows the student the focus on their particular needs. Needs are handled more generically in group settings, and thus the topics discussed do not specifically provide the training the student requires. Personalized language classes and outcomes maximize the effectiveness of instruction time, resulting in quicker language acquisition.

​As each participant comes to the table with different skill levels, the course components will vary accordingly. However, a general approach can be described. Lessons are customized to each student. The first session determines the student's knowledge of oral and written skills, which determines the direction of the course. The overall goal is to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in terms of syntax and grammar.

Proven Success and Long-Term Commitment

In addition to our team's extensive qualifications and expertise, we are proud to highlight our long-term commitment to providing high-quality language instruction to New Brunswick school districts. For over a decade, our team has been delivering our services to schools across the province, and the results speak for themselves.

Measurable Improvement

Our track record demonstrates marked improvements among participants in all areas of language proficiency. Through our tailored instruction, educators have consistently enhanced their language skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively in French. Notably, many participants have shown significant progress in their scores on the New Brunswick oral language proficiency scale. These improvements are a testament to the effectiveness of our teaching methods and the dedication of our team members.

Positive Impact

Our services have had a positive impact on the educators we've worked with, fostering increased confidence and proficiency in the French language. This newfound competence has translated into improved classroom teaching, allowing educators to provide more effective French language instruction to their students. The ripple effect of our work extends to the next generation of French learners in New Brunswick, strengthening the province's commitment to bilingualism and multiculturalism.

Building on a Decade of Success

As we continue to build on our decade-long commitment to New Brunswick school districts, we remain dedicated to supporting educators in their language proficiency journey. Our team is proud of the progress we've witnessed and the positive impact we've had on countless individuals. We look forward to the opportunity to continue our collaboration with school districts, helping educators further enhance their French language skills and contribute to the continued success of bilingual education.


In sum, our team of French language educators is a dedicated, diverse, and passionate group ready to enhance the language proficiency of your educators. Whether you seek tailored instruction, extensive teaching experience, or a team deeply committed to language education, we are here to collaborate with you. Contact us today to explore how our services can benefit your district and its educators.

Participant testimonials

I finally got to meet my French tutor in person on Friday! We had spent approximately 170 hours on the phone over a 4 year span working on grammar, verbs, and conversation. I remember at our first online meeting I said I wasn’t sure I could ever reach the superior level, and she said I would never know if I didn’t get started. I did attain superior level last summer, and it has been one of the most professionally rewarding things I have done. She is an excellent teacher and we covered many, many topics in our conversations. 

Marjorie Burtt Hewson

I highly recommend French language training with Paul-Emile. Working with him one-on-one through online language training was an awesome experience! He really cares about his students and ensures that he targets the areas needed for improvement. My favourite part of the sessions was just getting to talk with him about everyday occurrences. It was a great chance to practice the concepts I was learning with him. Paul-Emile adjusts his speaking speed to the student’s, making it easier to understand and he is super patient. The training was highly effective – I had taken other in-person and online courses in the past in an attempt to climb up to the next level on the provincial language exam. It wasn’t until I worked with Paul-Emile that I finally succeeded in breaking into the next level. 

Tamara Beatteay

I am a teacher who has recently switched to teaching French and I needed to improve my French speaking level and confidence. I took a few 5 week tutoring sessions, one on one and online, with Paul-Emile. He was so easy to talk to in my second language and I spent the bulk of every hour long session speaking. While we chatted, increasing my vocabulary and confidence, he would respectfully correct and guide my French. Paul-Emile also helped me with various grammar areas in which I was struggling. I would recommend this format and this tutor to any other person seriously looking to improve their French. It was a help to me in my French journey.

Sarah Hayhoe

I spent over a decade attempting to achieve a superior proficiency in French, or CEFR level C1. I grew frustrated in group language learning settings, where the focus was on aspects of language I already mastered, so I stagnated. It wasn’t until I enrolled in individualized online tutoring sessions that I began noticing marked improvements. My tutor focused on my learning goals and prepared lessons that targeted my needs. She reignited my desire to be bilingual, building a rapport with me and exposing me to linguistic and cultural topics that piqued my interest. Surprising to me was my genuine excitement to attend my online learning sessions and the positive relationship I built with my tutor - all in the comfort of my own home! With my tutor’s individualized attention for several months, I was finally able to achieve a superior proficiency, and she continues to support me two years later. I highly recommend this learning format.

Anthony Nolletti

Working with Édith as my tutor made learning French fun. She went above and beyond to recognize where I needed to improve my language, and tailored lessons each week to target those needs. She worked with me through every level; from the beginning when I needed the most support, to the end when I was learning the technicalities of the language. My French improved substantially during my time in the program and I am so grateful for everything I have learned! 

Mollie Jensen

Édith and I worked together over the course of three years. Not only did she help me accomplish my goal of upgrading my language certification, she made me feel confident and capable in my second language. Our sessions were personalized and very organized. I would recommend Édith to anyone looking for a competent and kind language tutor. 

Katlyn Noftell

I had the opportunity to work with Yvette several times over the past couple of years. I was nervous as French is my second language. She quickly put me at ease. She was patient and made me feel comfortable. Making mistakes is part of the process and I never felt like I was being judged. She just wanted me to succeed. We would talk about everyday things, and I really enjoyed our time together. I learned a lot over a short period of time because of her methods and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn French.   

Andrea Carter

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