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One-on-one French Lessons

Lessons are delivered through Skype and video chat alternatives. During a consultation process, language goals are discussed, and current oral and written French skills are assessed. Lessons are then designed based on this information and we begin.  


Frequency and duration of lessons are customized to your needs and availability. Signing up provides you language instruction, learning resources, and continual assistance. Feel free to get in touch at any time with any inquiry which may arise.

* Inquire about possible funding by your current employer. Current / past clients include University of New Brunswick, AIDS NB, Partners for Youth, and Recycle NB.



Free Consultation
** Free lesson ** - free one-hour lesson which will give you an idea of my style and methodology

$27.00 - 1 lesson hour
$125.55 - 5 lesson hours (7% discount)
$243.00 - 10 lesson hours (10% discount)

English - French Translation

Receive accurate and timely translation at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Translations are done by a native French speaker and rendered while maintaining the design and layout of the original text.

Translations include but are not limited to: internal communication, social media posts, user reviews, emails and letters, resumes, presentations, and reports.

Contact ZLS for a quote. Please include the word count (count is based on the original document, not an estimation of the translated document) and the nature of the document (technical or non-technical).



$ 0.14 per word for non-technical documents

$ 0.18 per word for technical documents (medicine, engineering, IT, etc)
$ 0.04 per word for proofreading

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